Dentist of the Month

Dentist of the Month

Our “Dentist of the Month” will be answering questions straight from our Members. This month, Dr. Michael L. Curtis from Bridgeport, Connecticut has provided really helpful answers to some dental health questions. His office accepts over 15 discount dental plans and specializes in family, cosmetic and sedation dentistry.

Do Electric Toothbrushes Make A Difference?

Yes. Many people with arthritis, coordination disorders or other issues may find traditional tooth-brushing difficult. Studies show that patients using electric toothbrushes brush longer and remove more plaque on average. We also recommend a water jet to get in-between teeth under the gum and around crowns or bridges more thoroughly.

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

The time between cleanings can vary depending on your medical history, and dental or periodontal status. People with gingivitis and periodontal disease may need their teeth cleaned every 3 to 4 months. For healthy individuals, a cleaning once every 6 months is usually okay.

How Often Should I Brush, Floss & Rinse?

Most patients should cleanse their mouths before bedtime, so bacteria do not fester all night long while sleeping. Good oral hygiene upon wakening will help remove germs that buildup over night. A fluoride or antibacterial rinse can be helpful as well.

How Do You Foster A Dentist/Patient Relationship?

For every patient, we ask the question “If this were me or a member of my family, how would I like to be treated?” We truly value the quality of care we offer each patient-always delivered with the gentle touch, a friendly smile and a helping hand. You will never be rushed and we are never too busy to answer all your questions.   

Why Do You Accept Discount Dental Plans?

Many wonderful patients have difficulty affording the highest quality of care. In this case, we are happy to reduce our fees just a bit so you can enjoy the finest treatment available. It’s our way of saying thank you after 30 wonderful years of serving thousands of families in our area.

Dr. Curtis graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he received several awards. He then completed 2 years of residency training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia and Montifiore Hospital in New York. He is a member of the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association and several other dental organizations. Dr Curtis has written 4 books on Dentistry and has served as an instructor at both the University of Connecticut and New York University Schools of Dentistry.