5 Ways to Save on Your Dental Care Bills in 2012

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Are your dental care bills breaking the bank due to a lack of dental insurance? Rough economic times have resulted in nearly 10 million Americans losing their dental insurance benefits in the past few years.

Plus, according to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, the average out-of-pocket cost of a root canal for an uninsured patient is $1,201, as opposed to $593 for individuals with insurance.

Luckily, dental insurance is not the only way to access affordable dental care. If you’re looking to get back to the dentist on a tight budget, we’ve got 5 ways to help keep your dental bills down in 2012:

  1. DentalPlans.com’s “Grant a Dental Wish” Facebook Contest: Tell us why you need money towards your dental care and we might “Grant Your Dental Wish.” One lucky winner will get $2,012 towards his or her dental bills in 2012!* Enter your story here by Jan. 16 for a chance to win!
  2. Aetna Dental Access: This discount dental plan from DentalPlans.com provides Members with discounts of 15% to 50% on most dental procedures, from cleanings and root canals to braces, at more than 66,000 participating dentists across the country.
  3. Careington Care 500 Series Plan:  With this dental plan, DentalPlans.com Members can save 20% to 60% at more than 87,000 dentists nationwide. Plus, you won’t just save on dental procedures, like dentures and veneers; you’ll also receive prescription, vision and lasik savings.
  4. Free Clinics/Health Centers: These community programs offer discounted or free dental care to the public based on an individual’s ability to pay.
  5. Dental Schools: Local dental schools offer dental care to the public by supervised students for free or at discounted rates.

What will you do to save money on your dental care this year? Share with us in the comments below.

*Contest not available to California residents. Terms and Conditions apply.