10 Dental News Stories You Might Have Missed

Dental News

Whether it be the best ways to save at the dentist, or the newest dental procedure to get the smile you’ve always wanted, dental care tips and tricks have been all over the news recently.

In case you missed them, we’ve got the top 10 stories from the web and our DentalPlans.com blog with everything you need to know about dental care in the news:

  1. 10 Cereals that Will Rot Your Kid’s Teeth Out: You may be surprised to learn which children’s cereals are ruining your kid’s teeth, and just how much sugar they’re consuming every morning.
  2. Dental Benefits Lead to Good Oral Health: Read why people without dental benefits are less likely to visit the dentist and have healthy teeth, based on this recent NADP consumer survey.
  3. Skipping Dental Care to Save Money Could Cause Major Health Problems: Find out what health-related consequences, as well as financial burdens arise when people skip necessary dental appointments.
  4. Rethinking Your Approach to the Tooth Fairy: This article from the New York Times will make you reevaluate your perspective on the Tooth Fairy and the effect it has on your children.
  5. Ways to Save on Your Dental Care Bills in 2012: Luckily, dental insurance is not the only way to access affordable dental care. The Dental HyGenie has five tips to help you save on your dental care this year.
  6. The Secret to Brushing Correctly: Brushing your teeth is easy, right? Well, you may have been doing it wrong all of these years. Check out this post on our blog for the correct way to keep those pearly whites healthy.
  7. 5 New Year’s Dental Health Resolutions: We’ve got five dental resolutions from WebMD and our DentalPlans.com moms to help you maintain a healthy smile this year without breaking the bank.
  8. What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening At Home or At the Dentist: Teeth whitening at the dentist can be expensive. But, before you try an at-home whitening kit, be sure to read this article from dentist, Dr. Krimsky, first.
  9. Top 6 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures that will Make Your Smile Brighter: A new year, a new you, and perhaps a new smile? This article from WorlDental has all the best procedures available to transform your smile.
  10. Caring for “Baby” Teeth is Not Child’s Play: Despite the common belief that baby teeth aren’t important, they DO affect the development of healthy adult teeth. Find out what you should do to protect your children’s teeth.

What have you learned about your dental health in the media recently? Share with us in the comments below.