Top Super Bowl Foods to Avoid for Dental Health

super bowl food ideas
This coming Sunday, the Super Bowl will take place, which for most people means fun, football and food. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying some treats during the big game, if you’re concerned about your dental care, then you may be wondering what snacks you should be avoiding.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a list of some of the top dangers to your teeth this football Sunday, so you can enjoy the game without ignoring your oral care:

  1. Beer: What would a Super Bowl party be without beer? Well, you may want to find out. While beer has been a long time staple of football games, it is also dangerous for your teeth and your waistline due to its high sugar and calorie content. Over the course of the game, you may find yourself sipping several beers, and the American Dental Association states that this behavior can contribute to tooth decay.
  2. Soda: If you’re not drinking beer, that doesn’t mean you should grab a soda either. These acidic beverages can do a real number on your teeth, even if you choose a brand without any sugar in it. Of course, with no beer or soda that doesn’t leave you many options. So, if you want to enjoy these drinks, then use a straw to minimize contact to the teeth.
  3. Buffalo Wings: Wings are another staple of a Super Bowl party; but, you want to be careful, especially if they are honey barbecue. The glaze on these wings can be extra sticky and sugary, guaranteeing that it’ll stick to your teeth. If you do go for some wings this Sunday, you may want to bring some mouthwash or a toothbrush to get the remaining glaze off your teeth.
  4. Sweet Treats: Ice cream, cookies and brownies are all treats that you’ll find on a Super Bowl dessert table. These snacks are filled with sugar and their melty, chewy consistency is guaranteed to get stuck in the teeth, so you may want to avoid the sweets, especially if you already decided to go for a beer and some wings.

So what can you eat? You can always go for the veggies and dip – just be sure not to overload on the ranch or blue cheese dressing, which may have lots of sugar in it. You can also bring sugar-free gum with you, which helps boost saliva production and wash away leftover food bits, according to the Mayo Clinic.

What’s your favorite healthy Super Bowl snack? Share with us in the comments below.